ACES ETM Login — LB Portal Login (HR Access)

Whether you’re an employee of Bath & Body Works (B&B), Victoria Secret (VS), Pink, La Senza, or Henri Bendel, you will need to manage all of your work related to the employment, namely payslips, taxes, benefits, and other aspects regarding the job opportunity.

To avail this portal, you will need to get access to the ACES ETM login page which is exactly what we are going to talk about in this all-inclusive article. We’ll shed light on the plusses and minuses of using this portal, though it’s hard to find the minuses because it’s benefits for the employees and HR working at one of the L Brands.

ACES ETM is the portal where you can access all such things and manage in a systematic way so as to remove clusters you think you no longer need anymore (yes, the dash is purely customizable). In fact, you will be amazed at the benefits of using the Limited Brands (LB) portal.

What is ACES ETM?


For newcomers (new employees), the ACES ETM Login could be a little confusing, but it doesn’t have to be since we’ve explained all there is to it in an easy way.

In this all-inclusive article, we’ve gone over the fundamentals, benefits, pros, and cons of using this portal. If you’re confused about why the access management has been done using different links on the same server i.e. one that is accessed at, the reason behind that is that different brands that people like you might be working for are the subsidiaries of LB i.e. LB.

That’s because L Brands is a retail company.

We’ve already explained in the first paragraph the brands that offer such access management for their employees with an intention to offer ease of access and convenience.

What’s more, you shall be able to view your ACES ETM Schedule for the work you do at one of the L Brands’ companies, be it Pink, Victoria’s Secret, or some other brand.

ACES ETM Schedule

ACES ETM Schedule
ACES ETM Schedule

What are the benefits of using ACES ETM scheduling?

Is it worth using for the employees that are part of the brand’s subsidiaries of L Brands?

Rest assured since we’re going to explain all the ins and outs of the ACES ETM Scheduling Portal, among other major aspects.

With the help of the “ACES ETM Schedule”, the employees working at different brands of LB can get to know their work schedule, and guess what—people don’t have to visit the outlet to do that—everything can be managed from the comfort of their home using a smartphone or computer.

Only people who are currently employed at one of the L Brands’ brands can make use of the “Schedule” option, or if they are logging on to the website for the first time, they will need to sign up for an account—but don’t worry, that’s a child’s play. In order to keep track of the ACES ETM Schedule, you must regularly check the dashboard because who knows when a new update may be introduced in the dash.

If due to some reasons, you are not able to properly make the most out of the ACES ETM Schedule, we suggest you reach out to the help desk so that the resolution to the issue can be reached as quickly as possible.

How to Log in to ACES ETM Portal or ACES Scheduling Portal?

Before we shed light on how you can effortlessly sign in to the ACES Scheduling Portal designed for the employees, there is something that you need to know.

Actually, there are two ACES ETM Login pages for ACES Scheduling Portal where the process of signing in can take place as follows:


The former one (i.e. one that initiates with HRAccess) is the one that has been designed for the HR Access, whereas, the latter one, on the other hand, is meant for the employees. The ACES Scheduling Portal needs to be visited by the employee on a regular basis so as to keep up with all the news and updates that are important for the employees or HR who’s working for the company.

These ACES ETM Login websites change from time to time, so it could be possible that you—as an employee—might be allowed to use both of the webpages. You can bookmark the link to ACES Scheduling Portal so that it could be easier for you to visit the site as quickly as possible.

Also, the management can do the logging using the ACES scheduling portal that can be found right here.

The real question is: what are the things one needs to keep handy at the time of logging in to the website?

Well, you’ll be in need of having the following details handy signing into the employee web portal:

  • Username (Employee ID)
  • Password

Let’s figure out a little bit about each underneath:

Employee ID:

Your Employee ID for ACES ETM is the one that uses 6 to 7 numbers with a ZERO at the beginning. This ID is also referred to as LB ID (or Limited Brands ID) for the employees.

Each employee that is working for LB should know this ID because it’s very important and there are times when you will be urgently required to show it to the management.

If you have no idea where to find the Employee ID, we suggest you take a look at the payslip, or simply reach out to your manager.

While making use of the ACES ETM login page, don’t enter the employee ID of someone else with an intention to log in for the wrong reason. Also, don’t share your employee/network ID with anyone else and they might be able to sign in from the L Brands login page.


How about the password?

Well, your ACES ETM password is the same password that you created when you joined LB or one of its brands.

Although it is believed that an account is created for you by the company when you join, however, we recommend that you have a chat with HR about how you will get the Emp. ID and the password to log in to the ACES ETM.

The reason why we want you to do this is that there’s no signup link at the ACES ETM login page. I used to be there, however, it might have been removed by the company.

  • Step 1: At first, what you need to do is log on to the official website, viz. Employees Portal or HR Access Portal.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve made it there, you will need to enter your “User ID” and “Password”. We’ve already talked about the retrieval of the username and password above.
  • Step 3: Having entered the credentials, click on the “GO” button that is available in sky-blue color.

If the details you’ve entered are not correct, it will probably lead to an error and should be redirected to the earlier page soon. Therefore, it is suggested that you double-check the details before hitting the “Enter” or “Go” button in the end.

What if you’ve forgotten your password or no longer remember it? Well, we’ve found the solution to that, too. Just jump to the bottom of this page where the FAQs section resides and you’ll just find the answer to this question, as well.

How to Register for LBrands ACES ETM?

How to Register for LBrands ACES ETM?
How to Register for LBrands ACES ETM?

Have you been looking for ways to register for the LBrands ACES ETM in recent times?

If affirmative, you need to know that reality.

The truth is that you can’t do the registration for LBrands ACES ETM by yourself — only the management of L Brands will do this for you, and this will happen on the same day or later when you join the brand.

So, what to do in this regard?

Well, for the registration of LBrands ACES ETM, you must reach out to the manager under the supervision of who you got recruited in the company.

Note: Details of employees from LB’s server are deleted 30 days after the employee leaves (quits) the job. So, if you think you no longer can get access to the LBrands ACES ETM, it’s probably because you’ve quit the job. However, that’s not always the case — there could be other reasons behind that issue, as well.

What can Limited Brands ACES be used for?

One of the frequently asked questions is: what can the LB ACES ETM be used for? Put differently, what are the benefits the employees will get by using the account?

No matter which brand you are working for (as stated in the beginning), you’re likely to be benefitting from the following:

  • You can use Limited Brands ACES to easily manage access tax details and other information related to tax
  • Limited Brands ACES can be used for Employees reports to be effortlessly created using the ACES ETM dashboard
  • You can see the details regarding paystub-payslip with the help of Limited Brands ACES
  • Also, health benefits can be monitored from the dashboard and a 401k plan can be taken care of using Limited Brands ACES
  • By using Limited Brands ACES, you can view your work schedules — i.e. when you’re meant to work and when you’re not
  • Additionally, by signing in to the dash of Limited Brands ACES, you can browse all work opportunities using the dash and see how you could make progress

ACES ETM Scheduling

We’ve already explained that keeping track of all the ACES ETM scheduling is very necessary when you’re working as an employee for a company. There are times when you need to take leaves due to some reasons, and to balance the schedule, you may prefer working on holidays—hence adjust the ACES ETM schedule. There’s no specific ACES ETM Scheduling portal, however, there are two different portals and we’ve already discussed them in the segment above. One is for the management and another has been built for employees.

ACES Limited Brands

In addition to Limited Brands ACES ETM scheduling, there is a lot that is satisfactory for the employees. While furnishing the ACES ETM login credentials into the login form, make sure that you do not include 0 that is added in the initial part of your Employee/Network ID.

It’s also sad that there’s no link to recover the password (if forgotten) for ACES Limited Brands. However, there’s something else you could do to reset the password for your account (see the recovery method).

Do you know that the ACES Limited Brands login page looked exactly like the HR Access page?

Yes, it is true, however, now, both pages are very much similar to each other, except the privacy policy link which has been added to the “HR Access” page. Also, this page is having a link for “PingID Setup”, in case you need some setup instructions for ACES Limited Brands to get started.

Having said that, it’s hard for a newbie to notice the differences, however, the key to identify them is to look at the banner of the page (on ACES Limited Brands login page)—one is meant for HR while another one says “L Brands”.

ACES ETM LBrands Login


ACES ETM LBrands Login
ACES ETM LBrands Login

No matter whether you’re visiting the website from the USA, Canada, East, or UK, you have got to be complying with all the guidelines as required by the chief company. Also, ensure that you’re familiar with the “Privacy Policy” and “Disclaimer” of the website you’re visiting to make sure that nothing is against the grain.

LBrands Login Page Shows Error, What to Do?

What if the ACES ETM Login is showing some kind of error at the time of logging in to the website?

What to do in that case?

Well, there could be many reasons why the page is showing your errors while you’re trying to sign in.

It could be due to:

  • Visiting other than the official website of ACES ETM login
  • Using 000 in front of the Employee ID (which you shouldn’t)
  • Trying to log in to the site without setting up username and password
  • Entering incorrect credentials (remember, the passwords are case-sensitive)

If it is happening due to none of the reasons laid out above, you could try:

  • Signing in from different devices (use mobile if you’re using a laptop or vice versa)
  • Switching the web browser (you can use Mozilla, Firefox, etc. if you’re using Chrome)


Q1. I’ve forgotten my ACES ETM login password, what to do?

A1. If you don’t remember the password you had received when you joined the brand, you can simply make a call to Stores Technology Services (STS) at 1-877-415-7911.

Q2. Why should you use ACES Limited Brands?

A2. We’ve already explained why it is worth your attention in the first place, however, if you missed that part, there you go — it is useful in keeping an eye on your payslips, managing all of the tax-related information, building reports, viewing schedules, and keeping up with latest job opportunities to stay one step ahead of others.

Q3. Who can access ACES ETM login associates?

A3. The associate page is only meant for the associates/employees because for HR, there’s a separate page. When you receive the ACES ETM login credentials, you may also be instructed about where to log in. If not, it should be easier to recognize the type depending on your profession i.e. whether you’re an associate or an HR.

Q4. How can I make changes to Payroll deduction?

A4. If you’re looking for the form to make changes to your payroll deduction so you could easily get the money back on the following year’s tax, you can locate the form in the “HR Access” dashboard.

Q5. I don’t have an Employee ID, what should I do?

A5. You already know that in order to log in to the ACES ETM login page, you must be having the valid username (Employee ID) and password that are provided upon joining the company. If you believe you haven’t been provided with such credentials, we suggest you contact the help desk.

Q5. How can I manage the ACES ETM employee schedule?

A5. If you’re looking forward to managing your scheduling, you can easily do that by logging in to the ACES ETM login dashboard which will be available after providing the valid and correct username and password. To avoid any futurist mistakes, we strongly suggest you double-check the details before doing the final submit.

Concluding “ACES ETM Login”

If you’ve joined one of the brands that are the subsidiaries of L Brands, then getting all the credentials for the ACES ETM Login is a must for employees because that way, you could get the job opportunities and highly needed resources without going anywhere. You can keep track of all of your payslips, taxes, employee benefits, and most importantly, you can view the work schedule.